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Dynare Steady State Toolbox

This toolbox provides a set of matlab routines that translate a matlab routine computing the steady state of a DSGE model into something readable by dynare (i.e. conforming to what is expected in a *_steadystate2.m file generated by Dynare from the equations in the steady_state_model model block). Examples are provided in the tests subfolder. Assuming that the dynare/matlab folder is in the Matab/Octave's path, you just need to add the src subfolder in the path:

>> addpath TOOLBOXES_PATH/dynare-steadystate-toolbox/src

where TOOLBOXES_PATH is the path to the folder where you unziped the steadystate toolbox.

Compared to what Dynare does with the steady_state_model, this toolbox is far less efficient than Dynare in producing the *_steadystate2.m routine. The advantage is the additional flexibility. The user can use any matlab statement in the source file (loops, conditional constructs, fixed point routines, ...), add traps and/or return custom error flags. Note that the routine produced by this toolbox is as efficient as the one produced by Dynare from the steady_state_model block (only the generation of the *_steadystate2.m is slower, because this is done in Matlab/Octave rather than by the C++ preprocessor). The relative cost associated to the generation of the *_steadystate2.m is generally very marginal, when the model has to be estimated, or when one performs Monte Carlo analysis to elicite the prior distributions.

The source files are covered by the GNU General Public Licence version 3 or later, see here.